95 Seadoo XP water getting in engine and engine compartment

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Hello all, I have another question on a 95 XP that I just bought. I purchased the unit, took it home put a new battery in it after it not being started for over a year by the previous owner. I then hooked to water hose and it started right up ran it for about 10 minutes with no problems noticed. I took it to the lake for the first time, and getting it from the boat ramp to the dock which only took about 2 minutes, the ski died right before I got to the dock. I tried to start numerous times to no avail. I removed the seat, and the engine compartment was half full of water. I removed the spark plugs, turned the engine over and water sprayed from the cylinders. I took the proper procedures got the ski out of water, got all the water out of the engine and checked everything I could see for a leak. Put it back in the water at the boat ramp, started it and ran it for 5 minutes at the ramp. It once again filled the engine and compartment full of water. Sorry for the long message, but does this sound like the carbon ring, intake line leak, etc. I am not sure what else to check. I got the water out again, cleaned the plugs and it starts right up and runs fine, but in water it keeps filling up the cylinders with water and fouling the plugs. I also sprayed oil and gas mixture into the cylinders after each time it filled with water. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

Thanks so much, you folks are an awesome resource and I really appreciate your help
There are only a few places that water can get in at, a since it only took a few minutes to fill up the leak should be pretty easy to spot.

If I had to guess I would say the boot for the trim system is the culprit. Give it a good look and feel for any tears.

If it is not torn then you can try backing the trailer down the ramp until the transom is totally in the water and then take a look inside the engine compartment and locate the leak. If you can get the front of your trailer jacked high enough, you can then fill the bilge with enough fresh water to cover the trim rod. Then walk around back and look for the leak.

Thanks Robert, I will look at the boot, and if nothing found bring it back to the ramp for leak location. Thanks again for the quick reply, I truly appreciate it. Have a good one
Water in engine

ever find out where or how water was getting into the cylinders and fouling the plugs?

The thru hull seal was broken. I installed new one and presto.. Thanks for the input. I had to epoxy the new one in..hopefully it will hold. The guy at the seadoo store said it had to be glassed in..wasnt looking likely to me, epoxy seems to be the trick.
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