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    23' Wake Pro GPS Question

    In my state I am required to have both mirrors installed on my 23' Wake Pro to tow. Does anyone know a way to add the GPS/Fish Finder without removing the right side mirror? Is there an alternate installation?
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    Oil Change on 2012 Wake Pro - Dumb question

    I just completed an oil change on the Wake Pro. I was able to get about 2.5 quarts out. I started by replacing the same amount and adding. I have now added 3.2 quarts, which is the exact amount that the manual states is the right amount for an oil/filter change. The ski is sitting level...
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    Ski Mode Issues

    Hi All, I'm new here so please excuse any dumb questions. So I got the family and I a 2013 Wake Pro. All the bells and whistles. Use it for wakeboarding and the odd ski or tube. When I use "Ski Mode" it pulls the boarder up no worries but immediately over speeds, usually by a lot and...
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    Owner Operator... in addition to comedy of errors.

    Well hello everybody... my first post. Was hoping it would not be user error, but alas, here we are. As you read this, please feel free to laugh at me, as I've already gotten myself to a point where I can laugh... was a stretch, but I'm there now. Setup: So I picked up a brand new 2012...
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    2012 Wake Pro Stereo Installation

    Here are some pics of my latest install. This is on a 2012 Seadoo Wake Pro 215. After 2 months, I couldn't resist. The sound is amazing and loud. Specs: Kicker everything: ps5250 speakers, pxi50.2 amp and controller, px200.1 sub amp, 6.5" CVT651 sub **ADDED Video**...