vts trim

  1. P

    2018 GTI 90 VTS adjustments on the move

    I was wondering whether one can override the IBR and adjust the VTS trim while motoring on the water in the absence of the VTR buttons? Or can I adjust it before motoring off? I will more than likely test it this weekend.
  2. J

    Seadoo XP Limited 1999 VTS doing nothing

    Hey all, Hopefully somebody can help me out, I have just purchased a 1999 Seadoo XP Limited and it came with a dead battery. I have had it on the optimate and now its fully charged the motor spins over fine and all the dials work. My issue is when I press the VTS buttons nothing happens but...
  3. chrisjet83

    Hydraulic Trim System

    Looking for a hydraulic trim system for my 96 XP and possibly one for my 96 HX if one is out there. Thanks, Chris
  4. S

    Can't fix my VTS

    I bought a used 96 Seadoo xp and the only problem with it is the vts, no surprise. Whenever I hit the up or down button all I hear is clicking in the housing. I've tried everything and my vts still isn't working. I've taken out the motor and connected it directly to the battery and it works...
  5. BumbleBee15

    Sea Doo Spark 3up (with IBR) VTS nozzle position...

    Just installed VTS. Have not hit the ocean yet to truly feel the difference. But I did crank up the engine at home running the flush kit while I adjusted the VTS all the way up.. and... all the way down. Did this while walking back to observe the difference in the nozzle. The nozzle pitch seemed...
  6. C

    Problems after service

    ok so i have a 97 gsi, and i just spent some time replaceing a thrust bearing, i replaced the fuel lines to new ones that wont deteriorate, and i had to take the whole d!$# motor out just to tighten the 4 stud engine mounts the secure the engin to the plate. i had it aligned professionally. i...
  7. T

    Removal of vts trim/push rod. Need help!

    Hey guys, i need to remove the boot and the vts push rod that you see in the picture. The end of the rod cracked off and needs to be welded back together so i can connect the vts to my steering noozle. Was wandering if there were any special tools and or suggestions on removing it.