vent hose

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    Any old pics or videos showing in-hull of factory fresh LRV

    Does anyone have or know of a source for 'fresh off the assembly line' pics of a Seadoo LRV? I am specifically interested in images showing the original routing of the Vent Hoses (part #s 291001473, 291001441 and 204070575). I have checked the parts diagrams and service guides and it is not...
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    LRV rear vent hose(s)...what are they for?

    I have an LRV 2001 that apparently is missing the vent hose/conduit on the rear of the hull that are connected under the rear seat. They appear to direct some sort of fumes to the outside, but no sure what they connect to inside the hull? :facepalm: Anyway, my sea-doo is missing these and...
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    Pipe support missing.. 951 bad news?

    Hey guys.. I bought a 99 GSXL just before summer, and the ski has been nothing but trubble so far. but since i joined the forum I have learned a lot, thanks to you guys! and I am now fixing all the issues that this ski has (gray lines, carb rebuild, ect.) and I hope it will be ready next...