1. R

    2010 Sea-Doo 210 Challenger - In search of new upholstered seat covers.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am looking for replacement seat covers online.
  2. FL challenger2000

    hello all

    I am second owner of a 2000 Challenger 1800, i hope to give it a little pick up during the off season any help in preparing for this ahead of time would be great. i guess i am thinking as far as small engine mod. or should i look at the pump house first. Thanks to any and all info
  3. E

    Seat Removal

    I have a 1998 Sportster 1800, and I wanted to ask if anyone has put those metal darts in all the seats like the one at the Bow. I want to be able to remove the seats for better storage.
  4. M

    Any interest? 1998-2004 seadoo speedster seat covers (custom)

    hi, I own an upholstery shop called gryphon industries, recently i had a customer come to me with seadoo boat seats. these seats were not easy to make perfect again, however after trial and error i am done. now that i have a patent pending one, the rest are flying on perfectly. From my research...
  5. Scott Martin

    Anyone know where to find an Upholstery Kit for an Islandia?

    I have 2000 Islandia in need of fresh upholstery. I've seen plenty of kits for just about every other Sea Doo out there except the Islandia. Does anyone know where I can find an upholstery kit for an Islandia? Thanks, Scott
  6. M

    2004 Utopia 205 rear seat cushions replacement

    The rear seat cushions in my 2004 Utopia 205 are cracked and admit water now. The parts catalog shows them as "obsolete" and can't be ordered. Meanwhile, the same cushions for the 2005 version are available, with a different parts number. They look the same in the schematic, but when I talked...
  7. K

    04 Speedster 200 seats/upholstery

    Hi everyone, i own a 04 Speedster 200 in germany. Due to often usage and sunrays the upholstery looks very bad and used. Does anyone of you have the upholstery for the complete boat? Thanks for any information, Best regard from germany Kliff p.s. sorry for my bad english...;-P
  8. BlueWaterDepot

    New guy from Murrells Inlet, SC!!

    Found this site while looking for some info for some projects me a nd my cousin are going to tackle on a '98 SeaDoo Speedster. We plan on a tower, new upholstery, and stereo. While the upholstery is being done we are installing a new stereo and have a few questions. I'll start a new thread in...