1. S

    Looking for a “cruiser” that can “legally” pull a tube.

    Hey everyone , I’m switching over to the sea doo platform as my arctic cats (montegos) can no longer get parts. I have a crazy fast XP 1997, that thing is a bull and she WILL throw you. You cannot ride her without getting soaked. What I like about the montegos is you literally could take a woman...
  2. B

    787 Rotax Starboard Port on Block

    Got my 787 rotax installed back into the craft and have begun the reassembly process. I noticed this port diagonal from the center of the rotary valve, does anybody know what it is for? I have searched the owners manual over throughly and can’t find any mention of it, however I doubt any OEM...
  3. muskokamarc

    Pulling a tube with SeaDoo?

    Hi Guys, I just got a 2007 SeaDoo Wake edition (215hp) and would like to know if it's possible to attach two tubing ropes to the ski pylon and have two individual tubes (air head one in pic below). It's obviously way more fun to have two people being towed at the same time, but I'm curious if...
  4. C

    2004 Speedster---Tow Rope stuck behind driveshaft and into black seal. Any advice

    Hi Everyone, I just recently picked up a 2004 Speedster, and took it out tubing last weekend. Long story short, the tube rope got sucked into the impeller and wrapped itself around the driveshaft. I was able to get most of it out, but there is a small section that is between the driveshaft...
  5. P

    Now to replace all oil and water lines...

    Anyone have a list of the oil and water line sizes and quanty , and which type of tubing to get to replace them 94 GTS and 96 GTI...Thanks again guys
  6. J

    2011 gti

    The towing eye on my GTI 130 is low so the rope drags in the water, and splashes if I am pulling a tube. I was wondering if there is any way I can mount somewhere else on the jet ski or get something that can raise the mounting point. I was looking at the ski pylons but they are very expensive...