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    1997 gti cant get it started

    The gti quit running four or five years ago at the time the engine would crank but not fire unless i sprayed starter fluid in the carb, I finally got around to working on it this year and rebuilt the carb replaced all of those gray fuel lines replaced the battery and opened up the engine to free...
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    SeaDoo 1800 1998 Speedster - inconsistent rev

    I have a 1998 Speedster. Yesterday while operating I started to get inconsistent revving of the port engine. Engines start with no problem. After warm up, rev both up to get to plane. Starboard engine goes to 5,500 RPM, port engine gets to 4,000 RPM and stays there. Then I get bursts of...
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    Engine sync - 230 Challenger

    Hi, I have a new 230 Challenger 2008. The big problem is that no service engineer has ever looked at it and the two engines are not in sync. When the left engine is at 3,000 rpm the right is working at 4,000 - 4,500 rpm. This must obviously be wrong and my guess there is a very easy solution...