1. jimcrisp

    Tow hook plastic housing loose 99 GSX

    The plastic housing under the front tow hook has come loose. Water is able to get in through front housing. How can I reattach it?
  2. Rob_GTR215

    Towing tubes behind a 2013 GTR 215

    Hi, we have a 2009 Wake Pro 215 which we have used to tow up to three people on tubes, using the ski pole on the Wake. We have just purchased a 2013 GTR 215, and it does not have a ski pole. Can we use the rear tow hook to tow tubers? Will the tow hook take as much force as the ski pole...
  3. P

    Installing tow grip handles on GTX

    Installing a Spot N Tow handle on a 2007 GTX. I took the OEM tow point off and subsequently dropped the nut into the ski. I believe it is someplace in the bilge just short of the gates of hell. Anyhow, I can't reach it. So, I need to pick up another nut and I notice the original nuts appear...
  4. B

    Towing my two 2009 RXT-X 255 HP Turbos behind a sailboat

    We are going to Catalina for the weekend this next week, and taking the sail boat across. Its about a 5 hour sail, and we plan to tow my two beautiful Sea Doos across. I have never towed them before, and have heard that it is not recommended above certain speeds, or if you do tow them, then a...
  5. G

    2009 wakepro tow pole broke

    I just bought a new 2009 seadoo wakepro 215 and our second time out while pulling my 200 pound brother he wiped out on his bad side and cracked the tow pole assembly and the right lateral support arm. All plastic of course. BRO will replace at there cost this time but said not next time. This...