1. B

    engine / motor alignment tool needed in Raleigh NC area

    Like the title says I needs it for my 96 XP!!! I will obviously come to you and make it as easy on you as possible! Please let me know I need it ASAP! Respond here and PM me and we will work out details. Thanks, Bryan
  2. kilgorekb

    How to confirm spark?

    Without putting my life in danger, how do I confirm that my plug is sparking? Pictures or diagrams are encouraged. Cheap tool/tester suggestions are too. :D
  3. R

    puller tool for a 787 flywheel

    I am looking for the right tool to pull the flywheel off of a 787 engine from my 97 xp. i dont know if its part number 290-876-488 or 295-000-106 or 290-876-298. i no the thread has to be on the inside of the puller but the 295-000-106 seems the most logical but its thread is on the outside...
  4. L

    Engine Pump Alignment Tool

    I have a Sea-Doo engine alignment tool for sale. Complete with all plates and hardware. Like-new condition. - $100 plus shipping If interested, please PM me. Thanks!
  5. L

    Universal SBT Engine/Pump Alignment Tool FS

    Hi, I have a universal alignment tool from SBT for sale. Complete in like-new condition. PM me if interested. Thanks!
  6. L

    Alignment tool in SE MI?

    Anyone from SE Michgan have an engine/pump alignment tool? I am looking to borrow, rent or buy one for my 787. Shoot me a PM if you are nearby. Thanks! Jason