1. C

    New Owner - Maintenance Question

    I finally pulled the trigger yesterday and picked up a 2017 WAKE 155! I'm a first-time owner, although have some experience riding skis. I previously lived in Illinois and road around primarily in freshwater (Mississippi River). I now live in Florida and will mostly be riding in salt/brackish...
  2. I

    Hello from The Intrepid Cottager!

    I'm an avid fresh water Sea-Doo rider and powersports journalist located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I ride over 3,000 kilometres (1,800 miles) every summer and write about my tours, experience and adventures. Check me out at or on Facebook. Look forward to meeting and...
  3. stealthdart

    Need a reverse cable tip.

    I got my Speedster 1996 on water and realized that my right side engine did not shift to foword or reverse. I ordered a new reverse cable because the old one had a broken side. The cable i ordered does not have tips. Can anyone show me where to get the tips?
  4. S

    new boater advice please

    Hey guys I'm a new boater just bought my first boat hear it's a blast.. I gotta 96 sea Doo challenger.. Just wondering if there nething I should know ... Also looking to hear some good important tips to maintaing my boat well:. Ic it's very important... Keep in mind I'm new so explain in dummy...
  5. F

    2003 Seadoo GTX DI Pulling out engine

    Hello, So I am pulling out my engine out of my ski and I almost got it out...I was wondering if anyone has any tips to make the removal easier. If you look at the attachment, I am on step 4.9(Using a 12mm socket, remove the two rear motor mount bolts. Slide the engine forward to clear the...