throttle position sensor

  1. N

    Rebuilt Supercharger and High Idle?

    I rebuilt the supercharger in my 2006 Sportster - upgraded to a Riva Gen II impeller. After installing the SC, I pushed the boat outside, hooked up the garden hose, started the engine, and started the water. The engine fired up immediately and runs smooth. My only concern is that it is idling...
  2. T

    2000 Merc 240 EFI aftermarket throttle position sensor

    Hello Everyone. I am new to the formus, but not to jet boats. I built one in high school (9ft. w/ 82 hp snowmobile engine) to my present Seadoo 2001 Challenger 2000 w/ Merc 240 EFI. I have a bad TPS. Erratic resistance (unplugged) through all rotation. This TPS had been replaced 3 years ago...
  3. tedc


    Islandia with a Merc Performace Problem My problem in short: My Throttle Position Sensor in my 01 islandia went bad at a time Mercury was not supplying them. I don't know if they ever got that issue resolved. A mechanic took a Sensor out of a Mercury 150 outboard and rigged the harness...