throttle lever

  1. rgardner928

    Thumb to Finger Conversation

    I like OEM...but the thumb needs to go on my wifes ski. I really not liking the look of the "bike" style throttle control on the market. Id like to somehow slide the thumb one around so it will be a finger one. But it will bot match up to the handle bar boot then. Has anyone seen or found a way...
  2. D

    Throttle Adjustment 99 GTX RFI

    I have a 99 GTX RFI. The throttle lever is loose. Meaning I can squeeze it to the handle and when I let go, it doesn't return all the way back to its home/in position. It also only pulls the throttle lever in the engine a tiny bit. I'm assuming I can adjust/tighten something on the handlebar...
  3. B

    97 Sea Doo Sportster Help

    I just bought a 97 Sea Doo sportster. The engine is going to need to be replaced and I am buying a rebuilt one from I also need to replace the throttle lever and a cup holder. The previous owner said the lever kept breaking off so he jb welded a screwdriver in its place. I looked...