1. riwaverunner

    1998 GSX Ltd Info Center

    Hi all, I've got a 1998 GSX Limited (5629/5845 with the 951 engine) and the info center/gauge display is shot. Not sure if it's the whole thing or just the display. I've seen the display repair kits online for $25ish that replace the polarizer film, but I think the damage to my display goes...
  2. S

    temp sensor location and where to buy

    Hi all, I'm a new boat owner, of a "new to me" 2000 Challenger. I have read about my issue in a few threads, and I was going to start to try and diagnose it the best I can, though I'm a novice engine/motor guy. I have a very quick start up, though heavy oil smoke at start up. Runs right up...
  3. philinkeys

    No acceleration Islandia

    I have a 2001 SeaDoo Islandia with 219 hours on it with a mercury 240 HP jet drive. It idle's great but I can't accelerate. Does anyone have any idea what I can do?? I've changed the engine head temperature sensor it did not help. Phil
  4. D

    Guage settings for 2007 GTI SE

    How can I change the settings that are currently in mph and fahrenheit to kph and Celsius or is this a dealer only thing ?