1. B

    Switch Limited Error

    I am getting an Error when trying to play music on my 2024 Switch Limited, it has the upgraded JL Audio Option and the dealer has no idea, closest dealer is a bit of a drive, anyone ever experienced this and how to resolve? It says it's playing my music but no audio, tried power cycling the...
  2. Jnz

    C180 Bilge Pump

    Does anyone have or can take a picture of the bilge pump/switch set up in their c180? My 05 came with a Rule which recently must have stuck on and burnt up. Rule has since came out with a different model so I'll have to drill the rivets for the new base anyway and figured I'd switch to the...
  3. D

    97 Sportster Electrical switches replacement

    Hello everyone, first off, thanks for all the wealth of information that you have all complied on this site. It has helped me tremendously to familiarize myself with my first boat. I am looking to replace the switch for the lights and the switch for the bilge pump. The light switch only goes...
  4. Peter Toenjes

    Mode/Set Switch stopped working

    My mode/set switch on my 2001 Seadoo LRV stopped working. Part number 204390229 is discontinued. What am I to do? Anyone know a replacement part? I would be much appreciated if anyone has fixed this issue before. Peter
  5. lswaffield

    97 Challenger Ignition Switch Swap

    I am planning on putting a different momentary switch and hard wiring it to the wires that go to the stock switch. My question is ... Is there any critical circuitry in the OEM switch that I will be bypassing if I install a different one?
  6. H

    01 Islandia Beeping Alarm

    Okay-- first time out on the Islandia this summer and all is great till about an hour in at speed, mid turn and a loud beeping starts. I pushed the flashing orange switch and throttled back. The oil light is NOT on. What is strange is that this switch light is always on- its orange and...
  7. U

    717 startING issues.

    I just got a rebuilt 717 from SBT and put it in. It started and I have run it through the break in process, it runs great! However, it was not easy to get it started the starter was very intermittent. It eventually stopped working so I ordered a new starter and put it in. Still no turning...
  8. E

    1997 GSX will not start

    I have a 1997 GSX that will not start, it beeps twice when I put the key on but when I press the start stop button nothing. I checked all the fuses and they are good, I also tested the switch before it goes into the MPEM and that seems to be fine too. The starter cranks when I short the solenoid...