supercharger failed

  1. DooGuy

    Help !?!. Engine crank, no start

    Hello All, new to the forum, needing some help with my boat. Appreciate any help. Sorry for the long details to follow, will try to be short. '07 Challenger 230 SC, in the fall while cruising engine suddenly stopped. tried to get to go on water but nothing. limped back to shore and loaded up on...
  2. G

    2008 Supercharger

    I have a 2008 RXP x 255 that I purchased used from a good friend. While he owned it he never had the supercharger rebuild and neither have I. My plan is to get it rebuilt this summer. But, the supercharger has never really worked. Whenever I have the general service done the mechanic will fix it...
  3. Z

    super charger help

    hello I just bought a 2003 seadoo gtx sc and iv put about 20 hrs on it and its now at 90hrs just the other day I was riding it and the speed cut out and it will only do about 35mph I believe its a supercharge problem but from what I have heard the 2003 did not have washers to replace so where do...
  4. D

    Oil on spark plug in Cylinder 1 (215 HP SCIC)

    The motor is backfiring at 5000 RPMs. Not 4500 or 5500, but right around 5000 RPMs. It was reproducible numerous times (by tech). The boat was taken back to the shop to determine there was a fouled plug. The plugs were changed out and the boat water tested again. Still backfiring. The techs then...