1. PolarCelsius

    95 XP Drive Shaft Failure

    Ski did great previously, however while WOT the ski very suddenly lost all power, engine could rev but all I heard was a gut wrenching rattle/grind, quickly shut that down and swam to shore Engine PTO boot to driveshaft was demolished (not sure why it would fail in this moment?) Driveshaft...
  2. A

    Stripped Regulator Block Screw Insde Of Carb

    Title says it all, I was doing my first ever carb rebuild following qstorms guide and I stripped one of the regulator block screws and the other one is really rusted. No idea where to go from here. Should I use PB blaster on the rusted screw? What should I do to remove the stripped screw without...
  3. M

    Fuel Rail Bolt Stripped...Help needed

    I was winterizing my 2008 RXT this weekend and after fogging the cylinders and putting the 2 fuel rail bolts in the one seemed like it stripped. I tightened it by hand as much as possible so i don't think the bolt stripped. I am not sure if the sleeve that's molded into the manifold slipped or...