stator help

  1. J

    Should I add a second battery?

    Hey guys, So I've got a 2000 Challenger 2000 with the Mercruiser 240 EFI M2 Jet Drive Model# S240J30WS, Serial# OE382883. I am looking at adding a new sound system with 2x 8" speakers, 2x 8" tower speakers, 1x 10" sub, and a 5 Channel Amp to power everything. I have been researching a lot...
  2. jster91

    Bolts snapped and impeller ate the wear ring. Help

    I had two of the 10mm stainless bolts break which allowed misalignment in the impeller and wear ring. The impeller chewed up a lot of the wear ring which I plan to replace. The seals and bushing spacers we're gone as well and I assume got into the stator. It also was damaged pretty bad. So...
  3. jrod6t9

    1996 gsx seadoo no spark still after replacing my stator and my ECM computer (CDI)

    OK guys here we go hopefully someone can help me out. I have a 1996 gsx Seadoo that I bought and has given me nothing but problems for the last 2,3 summers :( It was running a couple summers ago and then all of a sudden stopped giving spark. I could not find anyone willing help me...
  4. H

    2002 GTX RFi Maint. Light and 12v low light, and battery wont stay charged.

    Hey guys, Need some help! I've read a bunch a threads about stator, rectifier, and regulator but still need some guideance. After an hour of riding recently, the GTX would'nt start, i sat for a while, made sure the battery cables were tight then it started but now shows a maint light. I keep...