1. CDM1955

    Yes I know another Cavitation Issue. I have tried everything I know. HELP!

    Forum, Please forgive me if I am not posting this in the correct section. I have seen Cavitation threads on here and some are closed and I have done the two fixes but still experiencing problems. I am new but have seen and used much of the advice here and am very grateful. Here is what I...
  2. N

    Rebuilt Supercharger and High Idle?

    I rebuilt the supercharger in my 2006 Sportster - upgraded to a Riva Gen II impeller. After installing the SC, I pushed the boat outside, hooked up the garden hose, started the engine, and started the water. The engine fired up immediately and runs smooth. My only concern is that it is idling...
  3. C

    Sportster Solenoid

    Will a bad solenoid prevent the boat from beeping when turning on the ignition key? What's the best way to test a solenoid?:cool: Thanx
  4. Gamerse

    Making wraps for Seadoo boats

    I'm going to wrap my boat eventually. Here for your critisisim is my Tropical Seafoam sportster, Tribal yellow and red Speedster designs I'm working on. The originals are 13' high rez. I have no clue how much wraps cost. I figure printing a generic square will cost less than having the company...
  5. tomandjojo

    Davit sling for Sporster

    I have a 6500# davit on my dock and I would like to know if I can get cables to attach to the davit and lift the boat... Has anyone done this with their sporster? Thanks Tom