1. C

    Spark trixx sponson removal issue

    Hi all. At the end of last season I decided to take the sponsons off of our 2020 seadoo spark trixx, so it would be easier to do powerslides. Just yesterday, me and my dad went out for the first run of the season. Before putting it in the water, we attempted to put them back on, however we...
  2. Dmskeen

    Broken sponson 1997 seadoo GSX left hand side

    So I pulled my jet ski out of the water and my sponson was broken. I have ordered a new one. And while I wait for it in trying to make a plan of attack to take off the old one and install this new one. I figure I'm going to need to cut out the foam. But do I need to put it back is my...
  3. M

    1997 SeaDoo GS 720

    1997 SeaDoo GS 720 sponson??? A buddy recently had my ski out and ran the left hand side of it into our raft... He cracked the left hand sponson off the side. I ordered a replacement (for $70 w/ shipping) and it arrived today. The original sponson was purple, but of course, they don't make...