1. Dkp2862

    MPEM Smoking, Grounding issue

    I know this is a longshot, my MPEM started smoking yesterday. my thought was that some wires were grounding out. I did a Continuity test and it seems that a lot of the positive wires, including the ones going from the positive battery terminal to the solenoid, have continuity to ground. What...
  2. B

    Need Help: Smoke Coming from Seadoo

    I have a 2003 Seadoo Bombadier 4tec 1500. It starts up and seems to run fine with the hose hooked up to it, but it is smoking from the back a good amount, and seems to leave oil on the ground. Any ideas what’s going on with it?
  3. V

    2001 Seadoo Sportster Mercury M2 210 jetdrive Smoking

    Hi! I've been on this forum for a while, and I've read all the issues people had with smoking 2-strokes, but I assume this would be excessive smoking right? I've changed the oil to full synthetic, changed plugs, changed head temp sensor, Checked alignment mark. Is there anything else that can...
  4. L

    2002 seadoo gtx coolant leaking and a seprate issue of smoking.Help advice wanted

    Hi,any help advice would be greatly appreciated,recently purchased a 2002 seadoo gtx with 95hr on clock, took ski out and noticed it smoking at idle this is same on hose however with throttle on water this clears up,any ideas of what is causing this issue,also i have an issue were im finding...
  5. J

    Smoked Kingfish Anyone?

    Check out this weeks episode of the Jetski Fishing Show where we show how to catch, prepare and then cold smoke some beautiful Yellowtail Kingfish. Like us at for more tips, tricks and episodes.
  6. D

    1997 GTX smoking

    Ok I need some help!! i have a 1997 GTX (787) that smokes pretty bad above 4000 rpm. I have rebuilt carbs,new plugs,good compression (140 psi),checked oil pump alignment and throttle syncronization,rebuilt rave valves and throughly cleaned every part i could and its still smoking. It is still...
  7. J

    De-winterizing Seadoo Sportster

    I have had my 2004 Seadoo Sportster for a couple years now and the first winter I had it, I took it to a shop and they winterized it. When the weather got nice the next summer, I just charged the battery, checked all the hoses and put it in the water. However, it smoked really bad for like 10...