smoke at start

  1. To2d

    oil in the spark plug plug tubes

    i have a 99 speedster SK (2x720) and while winterizing it i noticed more black "thin" oil in one of the engines spark plug tubes "both of them" then normal. This is the same engine that has always smoked a white/gray when cold. The engine runs great and sounds great. Starts right up and...
  2. T

    2000 Speedster w/ Merc 240EFI - won't start after warmed up

    Hey kids, I've combed the forums, and incorporated as much as I could find before posting, so that I wouldn't waste anybody's time. I'm going to include everything I think may be relevant, so please bear with me. First, a quick disclaimer...I just bought this boat, so I don't have a lot...
  3. J

    Dry start smoke

    smoke and anitfreeze on dry start Hey I just bought a 2004 sportster 155 4-tec. I've been reading that you can dry start these boats for 2-5 mins with no worries of over heating. So, I got impatient today and just had to hear her run. She started on the first turn and I let her run for...
  4. kringdoo

    Pre Mix vs Injecting in '95 Sportster

    This season my '95 Sportster has started smoking at startup. The longer the duration between use the more smoke. After reading a few threads, I've come to the conclusion that it might be a worn rotary seal or similar. I'm considering draining the oil injection system and just doing a premix...