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    How to get rid of "Safe Mode" on 2012 GTX

    Hey all, I have a 2012 GTX and, unfortunately, let a ski rope get into the impeller. I then brought the pwc to land and managed to cut the rope, making sure I removed all pieces of it. However, when I start the engine now it shows "safe mode" and limits the revolutions. Anyone knows how...
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    Sucked up ski rope in Impeller...NEED HELP!!!

    I sucked up a ski rope from an inner tube into the starboard side impeller. I can feel the rope inside, HOW THE HELL TO I GET IT OUT? Can anyone help me? DO you think I'll need a new impeller and housing??? Please respond and thanks for the advice in advance. Tvardaky
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    Ski rope idea

    Hello everyone. I have eaten so many ski ropes in my seadoos that I thought of an idea. I want to know if anyone has a suggestion or similar thought. Can I put small floaties 5 feet apart along the entire rope to keep it on the water and out of my pump? Thoughts anyone?