ski pylon

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    Black Ski Pylon Pole Removal

    2014 GTX155. Anyone know how to remove the black pole on the ski pylon (the one that the rope attaches to)? I can’t figure out how to get the black pole to release from the silver section it slides into. Handles broke off so I’m trying to replace just the black pole. I’ve tried pushing on...
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    Sea Doo Ski Pylon Not Supported on GTX-S?

    Hello everyone - I have a 2014 GTX-S (suspension model). Was wanting to add the OEM ski pylon to it. Ordered one from Amazon since the product description (and subsequently, the in-box instruction sheet) says that it'll work on all 2010+ GTXs (and other models) EXCEPT those with "iS"...
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    Retractable Ski Pylon install on 2005 sea-doo challenger 180?

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to install a ski pylon thats affordable? all the towers Ive seen will be over 1k after installation. I pull mostly knee boards and tubers. I had a retractable one on my sea-doo Wake jet ski would this work to install on a boat? Im looking to raise a little bit...
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    2011 gti

    The towing eye on my GTI 130 is low so the rope drags in the water, and splashes if I am pulling a tube. I was wondering if there is any way I can mount somewhere else on the jet ski or get something that can raise the mounting point. I was looking at the ski pylons but they are very expensive...