1. MjC2810

    1996 GTX erratic RPMs while pushing Shuttlecraft

    I have a 1996 Sea-Doo GTX that seems to run great by itself. I purchased it this spring and the previous owner had the fuel lines changed, carbs rebuilt and wear ring replaced. I purchased the ski along with a 1997 Shuttlecraft Jet Sport. While on the water, solo, the ski performs well. I...
  2. RiverDragon

    Shuttlecraft build thread

  3. McConan

    FOR SALE WTB - Shuttlecraft Sport Deck - not Jet Sport - in Southeast

    I have a newer jet ski and the Shuttlecraft Jet Sport I had didn't work with the rail system. So, I sold it to someone who had the right ski and now I'm looking for a Sport Deck because it has the rear adjustable docking area and would fit my ski. I'm in Atlanta, so anywhere in the Southeast...
  4. Highmark

    FOR SALE Shuttlecraft for sale

    Shuttlecraft for sale . Needs seadoo s3 hull .I ran 08 RXT 215hp and she does easy over 50 mph. Everything works including sterio, 2 bilge, lights, etc. You cant change the hull config but have never tried a newer hull. Had alot of fun with this but have moved to the coast and need room for...
  5. C

    Seadoo Shuttlecraft Rails

    I know it is probably a long shot but looking to either trade Polaris rail kit for Seadoo rail kit or purchase a good used or new rail kit for my Seadoo GTI.:thumbsup:
  6. Robert Reddell

    Apopka Florida ShuttleCraft Sport Deck Newby

    Hey all I am looking forward to picking your brains. I am as green as green can be to all of this PWC stuff. Be gentle. Robert
  7. A

    Shuttlecraft jet sport SD III or 3 rails for 4tec seadoo

    I have a set of SD3 rails for a shuttle craft jet sport. These are the extremely rare to find rails that allow you to drive a large seadoo into the shuttlecraft boat. I am selling them so if you need them please pm me or just respond on the thread.
  8. keltonks


    Hello. New to the Forum. If you're reading this I assume you are familiar with the Shuttle Craft brand of jet ski add-ons. I have a 1998 Shuttlecraft Jet Sport with rails that fit a 2000 - 2008 Sea Doo GTX, which has a 48" hull width. These are known as 4-tec rails. The rails come...
  9. B

    1998 Shuttle Craft Jet Sport (Refurbished) w/Trailer

    1998 Shuttle Craft Jet Sport (Refurbished) w/Trailer $2400 obo 1998 SHUTTLE CRAFT Jet Sport totally refurbished. This boat is designed to hook up to your PWC and carry 3 persons plus the PWC and its passengers. At any time on the water you can easily detach the PWC and take it for a ride while...