seal problem

  1. BensGTXFun

    2000 GTX Jet pump seal

    I have a 2000 GTX Jet pump that the seal seems welded to the pump. Can't get the thing to remove from the pump and I've tried everything. Anyone have a suggestion instead of buying a $400 pump?
  2. J

    HELP PLEASE!!!! 2002 Sea Doo RxDi won't turn over!

    I just bought this machine yesterday. It was running great until my buddy flipped it over and the engine compartment filled with water. I replaced the battery. Here is the video I posted on youtube. I was just wondering what other things I could...
  3. kringdoo

    Injecting vs PreMix in '95 Sportster

    This season my '95 Sportster has started smoking at startup. The longer the duration between use the more smoke. After reading a few threads, I've come to the conclusion that it might be a worn rotary seal or similar. I'm considering draining the oil injection system and just doing a premix...