seadoo gtx oil leak

  1. N

    2004 4 tec oil leak

    So I am still on the struggle bus with my seadoo gtx wake. I haven't even started on the other 2 skis yet! I had the oil changed because I didn't have the pump to get the oil out. Took it to the lake and it RAN but wouldn't throttle up. I think that is a fuel delivery problem. I need help...
  2. docbda

    97 GTX with injector oil leak (not reservoir or grommet)

    All my injector oil leaked out over the winter. After removing the oil from the bilge and refilling the reservoir with oil, I I pulled the reservoir tank and it was fine (seam that has the reputation for failing was in tact, and oil continuing to leak with oil level below the seam). Reservoir...
  3. D

    seadoo gtx millenium oil leak please help

    hi guys i have a seadooo gtx ltd and every two weeks i keep finding a puddle of oil in the hull!!! its only down one side? has anyone got any ideas on how to stop it or any ideas what could cause it ????? also i have been told its not easy to fix oil leaks? can anyone help or have pics on how to...