seadoo gsi

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    1997 seadoo gsi bombardier something went wrong haha!

    Sorry to bother you guys but i bought a seadoo gsi 1997 and went to do a flush on it because im using it on salt water. So this is what happened: I turned on the jet ski and went to turn on the water for the hose. The hose escaped so i ran to turn off the jet ski and the jet ski wouldnt turn off...
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    Buying 97 XP & GSI

    Buying 97 XP & GSI... Tips? Suggestions? Hi, I'm purchasing a 97 XP and 97 GSI tomorrow. I was told these were reputable crafts that Seadoo made. Is there any general items I should look for on these... like things that commonly wear out or need replaced? Or that habitually go bad and may cost...