seadoo challenger 2000

  1. W

    SeaDoo Challenger 2000 M2 240: Won’t Start

    Hi, My SeaDoo Challenger 2000 wont start in water (started fine before I launched it) I’m getting 12.4v across the battery and 11.5v under load. The starter is turning the flywheel, but there are no rpms showing when I try to start the engine. Fire is going to the spark plugs. Low pressure...
  2. Big_Port

    Hard Starting 250 Optimax

    2002 Challenger with the 250 Opti Over the weekend I took the boat out both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday the boat started with no problem after sitting in the garage for two weeks. Sunday morning I had trouble starting it at the ramp. Turn key, wait a few seconds and turned it over, fired...
  3. D

    2000 challenger seadoo 2000

    i just bought this boat and it does not run it is a year 2000 seadoo challenger 2000 it has a merc v6 jetdrive it cranks over but there is no spark on any cylinder no power why wont i get any spark what kind