seadoo 951

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    Busted Brass check valve coming out of accelerator pump. Looking for replacement options.

    The other day while I was fixing a fuel leak on my accelerator pump lines the brass nipple on the check valve busted off and I haven’t been able to to find a replacement or a possible solution for this as there are like no part numbers for the accelerator pump. I will attach a picture of what...
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    How much is a 1998-99 seadoo xp worth?

    My buddies dad is selling a 1998-99 seadoo xp with a brand new motor. He recently had all the gauges replaced and a new starter button.Was wandering how much I should pay? The outside of the ski is in good condition.
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    Looking for rectifier/ regulator for 2000 Seadoo RX 951 Carb model.

    Hi anyone know the part number for the regulator? I have not been able to locate any part numbers? Also is there a way to cross reference the part numbers between skis to see if another one will fit? Thanks.