1. J

    2020 GTI 170 Break Down

    Hi All, Just got a new GTI 170 and was super excited to get out and ride it. Asked the guy are you sure this thing is ready to ride like 6 times. Yes they said got it up to temp and run all the tests everything is ready to go. Go fill it up with gas, read the user manual about the break in...
  2. Keepinitbreezy

    Ran my rxp with too much oil help

    I overfilled my 2005 sea doo rxp with way too much oil and I took it out to the water it ran good for like 10 min then the oil light came on and the cluster said oil and it was in limp mode after that I took it home noticed I had overfilled it by a lot no water was in the oil I got the level to...
  3. T

    1997 Sea Doo GSI

    Hey guys quick question for the sea doo community :) We recently went to look at another jet ski a 1997 GSI. It's really clean everything on it works and is functional on it, but the compression in each cylinder reads 120 for both. Which seems low. What do you guys think? Let me know! Thanks
  4. S

    1997 Seadoo Spx

    My seadoo spx ran great out of water with new plugs. I put it in and it ran great besides the carbs need a touch up but now it wont run out of water. :redface: I did the same thing and it happened again. HELP! I bought it abandoned and it started right up with starter fluid. :P