sea doo sp

  1. cuenta

    rotax 720 need help please

    just bought a seadoo 92 with 720 engine starts easy and 135 of comprecion in each cylinder yesterday to clean the carburetors and when to start it stay in high RPM pull the lanyard and push the stop button no longer starts after thank for your help guy.
  2. T

    Sea Doo '95 SP 800 - Rectifier - Stator - Battery

    Dear, I have a Problem. After a nice try and ride the Battery was empty. What could this be?
  3. C

    1989 Seadoo Sp oil change

    Hi i am new to this forum and the jet ski world. I frequently work on dirt bikes, 3 wheelers, and 4 wheelers, but this is my first jet ski that i have worked on. I bought this seadoo, cleaned the carb, put some fresh gas down the line and got it to run for a short burst. First i am wondering how...