rxt x260 problem

  1. Jetfrank

    2005 RXT Starter relay issue

    Hi All - working on this RXT and dealing with a relay issue. Relay is fine (was replaced) but is not getting the signal to close when I press the start button. I removed it and jumped the small posts from the starter button and it clicked like normal. Any simple reason that the button is not...
  2. B

    2011 RXT X Blown Engine Help...74 hours!

    Anyone have any thoughts or insight on the issue I'm experiencing? 2011 RXT-X, with 74 hours runtime - Seasonally serviced at BRP dealers The unit was running, shut down, restarted and had an obvious knock in the engine. The unit was operated to get to shore approximately ¼ mile at idle...
  3. V

    New member from Hong Kong

    Hi all new member from Hong Kong riding a 2010 RXT X 260 Need some help, any one can fix seadoo problem for yout self, Anybody can give me a website to repair my seadoo problem