rotary cover

  1. S

    787 rotary cover score/gouge

    Greetings. I have searched and searched and I can't find anything good on this topic. I have a 1996 GTX 787. I picked it up used, had one run from it before burning the PTO cylinder. Turns out filter #22 was clogged. I am going to send it off to SES for a rebuild. I took the rotary cover...
  2. chrisdeamicis

    Thanks to the forum & a compression question that's likey already been answered.

    I was having starting problems with my 97 Gti. I haven't worked on 2 strokes much and was having a hard time figuring is out. Would run good the first run but after shutting it down, would always have a hard time getting it to start again. Would always eventually fire up and then run good but...
  3. T

    98 gti 717 rotary cover???

    My rotary valve is shot and it notched out the cover. the crankcase is fine(or seems to be). where can I get the valve and cover and what are the part numbers for these parts? Ive looked through the shop manual and cant find part numbers for parts only tools. what could have caused this to happen??