1. sledman1

    4-tec Piston Rod bolts

    Can someone tell me what type of socket to use to remove the bolts that connect the piston rod to the crank? I tried a 12 point 10mm and a torx. both slip on the head of the bolt. Thanks
  2. J

    Replacing Rotax 580 Connecting Rods

    I have a Rotax 580 engine that I am rebuilding. This is my first rebuild. I am just about to open the case halves. Any tips on removing the connecting rods. Any advice on how to decide whether to replace or reuse the connecting rods?
  3. G

    GSX Trim Rod HELP

    so I'm about to sell my 1998 GSX Limited... sorry! haha i'll get another one but I'm focused on training for the Motocross Series and the GSX is just sitting! So I showed it today at the lake and I'm guessing when I pulled it back up onto the trailer as I throttle onto it it broke my trim...