1. andrewthomz77

    Which impeller will work best?

    I have purchased a new wear ring, new gaskets, and now looking to get the correct impeller. I have a 2012 RxpX 260 ... but when I search for it on Riva it gives me 5 different options. Just looking for the best advice on which one i should go with, and what the difference of them are if anyone...
  2. C

    Riva stage 1 kit for 04 RXP 215

    I have an 04 RXP 215 that is all stock. I am wanting to add on some mods that will increase throttle response/low end takeoff. I am fine with my top speed but would like to get some more go out the gate. I have been looking at the riva stage 1 kit but am not really wanting to drop the money on...

    FOR SALE RIVA SEA-DOO 255/215 POWER FILTER KIT & 215 Supercharger

    I will only use Paypal for the protection on both parties. No Venmo/CashCapp sorry. For Sale: RIVA SEA-DOO 255/215 POWER FILTER KIT - $175 + Shipping 2004 RXP 215 Supercharger - $200 + Shipping 107 hours no issues. Originally was going to send off for ETS 127 / Rebuild but ended up going...
  4. zechamp

    Upgrade machine or performance parts?

    Hello. I have been wondering this question for a while since I was walked on the lake by another ski. I have a 2003 Seadoo GTX 185 S/C and I am wondering if it would be best to upgrade to the 215hp version or put in a stage 1 Riva kit? Which do you think would be cheaper? Which would be faster...
  5. N

    Rebuilt Supercharger and High Idle?

    I rebuilt the supercharger in my 2006 Sportster - upgraded to a Riva Gen II impeller. After installing the SC, I pushed the boat outside, hooked up the garden hose, started the engine, and started the water. The engine fired up immediately and runs smooth. My only concern is that it is idling...
  6. R

    Almost Sunk On 1st Ride: Open to Possible Solutions/Suggestions???

    Yesterday I took out my recently purchased 05 rxp (93 hrs/ riva: intake grate, free flow exhaust, air intake, metal washers @ 91 hrs) . After clearing the booeys not even a quarter mile out after hitting the throttle hard my sensor came on for engine temperature at 86 degrees which isn't hot @...