1. T

    Is it possible to only have 71 hours on a 14 year old rxt?

    Did this person buy it and not ride it? I would do that in one summer.
  2. J

    New to PWC

    Hi All, Looking to get into PWC's and buy a Sea-Doo for this coming season. I live down the road from a lake so I'd have plenty of time to ride. Any takes on buying a used one compared to a new one? When I look at the price/hours for recent used machines it makes more sense to buy new...
  3. OneLastRideToronto

    Early Spring Rides / Ontario

    Hello All - Looking for groups who might venture into the big water in the Early Spring (April). I live in the GTA and itching to get out ASAP (Safely off course)
  4. zechamp

    Ontario Roll Call

    Hey all. I am a new member to this forum and wanted to see who is all located in Ontario Canada. Furthermore, which lake are you riding on and what machine? I am a huge fan of cars and love to go on cruises with a bunch of people. Wondering if you have ever done something similar on the water...
  5. russellb

    Anyone from the Outter Banks area of NC or the Hampton Roads area of VA?

    Looking for people from Hampton Roads, VA or Outter Banks of NC. Wondering where you take your SeaDoos to get work done and where you usually ride.
  6. russellb

    Looking for a good place to ride

    I am in the Northeastern NC area just across the VA state line from Chesapeake, VA. Is there anyone in this area on the forum? Where do you usually ride? I'm looking for a good spot for tubing. My son likes to ride the tube behind the sea doo. I'm also interested in finding a good mechanic in...
  7. N

    Silverdale/Bremerton WA

    Just moved to Silverdale WA and looking for places to ride/launch my PWC. Any info would be appreciated...