reverse gate

  1. Gborrillo

    FOR SALE WTB Discontinued part 204170230 - Lever and Pin assembly

    Looking for this discontinued part for my 2007 seadoo challenger se 215. It’s a lever and pin assembly for the reverse. Part 204170230. Anyone know where I might be able to get this? I’ve tried many places online and they all say it’s discontinued and can’t get it. Help pls. It’s the last...
  2. P

    FOR SALE ISO a Reverse Gate for my Speedster

    I need a reverse gate for my 96 Speedster. It is for the right side. I need to replace the one I broke off. Part #204170008 Can anyone help me out!!! Thanks
  3. M

    2001 Challenger RH reverse bucket cracked, replacements scarce

    A trailer shop cracked the RH reverse bucket on my 2001 Challenger 5699, the dual 717 powered 15' model. It's commonly listed as PN 204170148 (old PN 204170055). I'm having trouble finding them. Most parts sites show out of stock. But there are plenty of the LH units, PN 271000947, which is...
  4. M

    2007 Challenger 180 Speed and performance problem

    I bought my challenger last month and it has 40 hrs on it. I am new to seadoo boats but owned 2 RXP's in past. The first thing I did after private purchase was have local dealer rebuild supercharger and fix oil leak from shaft seal bearing. I have taken boat out 3 times and cannot get more than...
  5. B

    2004 seadoo sportster le di reverse gate

    Hello all!, im looking for a reverse gate and the bracket that holds it on. I could buy new but brp wants 450 ish for both so I thought I would try used first. Learnt my lesson doing the ol' throwing it in reverse while going fast forward to dip the nose and it snapped it clean off! haha, wont...
  6. K

    Reverse no longer works - reverse gates installed incorrectly?

    It's been a while since my last post. Life is (read: kids are) keeping me busy but I was able to get the boat out the other weekend and noticed that since my winter project of replacing the impellars and wear rings on my 97 speedster, I have somehow lost all thrust when in reverse. I have...
  7. J

    Speedster Parts

    Wanted: a reverse gate for a 95 or 96 Speedster or Sportster. Please contact me at Joe@EFOI.Com.