1. Bowser

    Bowser’s SPX

    Ahoy SeadooForum, This build thread serves to archive the trials of my first water craft, a ’95 SPX. It was purchased in March 2022 with a known issue of fuel not getting to the carburetors. I am a first-timer at fiddling with two stroke engines but find forums a wealth of info, so here I am...
  2. C

    RESTO Dual Resto: 1992 SPi and 2001 GTX DI Restoration

    Hello, everyone! So, after many days of searching the forum, reading on restorations, and wondering how to go about my two “problems”, I joined the forum. The reason for joining and searching is that I recently acquired two semi-neglected Sea Doos for free. One is a 1992 SPi 580 white engine...
  3. Luther567

    RESTO 99 GSX RFI resto, Budget roll on Paint with Pigment and glitter. Long thread.

    I picked up a 1999 GSX RFI off a guy I worked with at the beginning of 2019 for 700$, i knew it needed a Stator but at 700$ I couldn't resist. First thing I noticed was I definitely did NOT have an RFI, but a carbureted 787... Long story short, the Stator was fired and the trigger coil was just...
  4. Cheflen

    RESTO The budget build-95 SP

    I haven't seen any recent resto builds, so I decided I should post my resto of a 95 sp. Considering I am a college student, the budget is pretty low, so I am trying to do a proper build while keeping costs down as much as possible. I really wanted an xp, but I got a good deal on this sp, so I...
  5. roberthaysus

    New to SeaDoo's! My Projects.

    Here are a few pics I snapped quickly of my first SeaDoo's. Thanks to SeaDooForum it has been a lot of fun working on my new to me ski's. I will take a some better pics to post as I make needed repairs and get them all cleaned up hopefully some better before and after pics. I have 2 1997 GSI's...