1. bingcounty

    Beginner looking for guidance and help

    Hello all. I’m pretty new to PWC ownership I purchased a 98 xp limited last summer and am looking to purchase another older Sea-Doo this summer as well. I prefer the older skis and don’t have a ton of money to spend on a newer model. Looking to get something around 95-98 2 or 3 person. Which of...
  2. C

    Good seadoo mechanic

    Hey guys just wondering where you guys take your seadoos to get repaired in and around the GTA? Thanks
  3. N

    Recommended SeaDoo Technician for Pre-purchase or other work in Sarasota, FL area

    I get absolutely nothing out of this but wanted to pass along...anyone looking for an extremely qualified and thorough SeaDoo Technician in SW Florida, please consider Eric Tiainen @ Adrenaline Powersports. I found Eric and asked him to do a pre-purchase inspection on a SeaDoo Utopia 205 in...
  4. speedsterj

    PWC repairs in GTA?(Toronto)

    I have been to a dealer in Toronto and had been going to them for many years.I will not be returning to them unless I'm truly stuck.Personal reasons why I won't use them let's just say. I am looking for a new PWC mechanic in the Toronto area. Can anyone steer in their direction? Been looking...