1. mejim707


    96 Challenger with Rotax 787: I'm looking for suggestions and recommendations on what you GURUs have done with your own boats or skis to really dial them in. My current adjustments: FUEL: 87 Octane from the Gas Station (Not marine fuel) OIL: XPS 2 Stroke Synthetic Oil Gallon 779127 -...
  2. Steve Lee

    2004 XP PRO 950 power fluctuation

    Running very erratic Seems like the accelerator has two settings On or Off . In between it is all over the place It can be quite rapid then it stalls Cleaned the Raves Fuel filter replaced plugs Still erratic Where to next Advice will be much appreciated
  3. C

    96 gtx, trim problem???

    hi there been doing a lot of reading on here and trying to see if I can fix an ongoing issue with my ski.I was hoping to get some info from ya... I have 2 96 gtx's 1 was running begining yr. then wouldn't run in water... did compression check found pistons where toast... had them replaced, and...
  4. bnoe5140

    97 SPX hard starting

    I have 2 Seadoos but my 97 SPX is a problem getting it running. Once it starts it generally runs pretty well. New or freshly cleaned spark plugs usually does the trick. The plugs get wet (oil?) so I have 3 sets and clean them and rotate but it seems to be getting worse. The battery gets run down...