rave valve leaks

  1. SeadooMaster

    2001 Sea Doo GTX DI Rave Valve Issues

    After storing my Sea Doo for winter I got it out of the shed last Saturday, put the battery and fresh plugs in the engine. Fired right up but was running funky... Loss of RPM's and when I hooked the hose up to the Intake the hull began to fill with water. Finally figured out the issue but need...
  2. 97SeadooGSX

    Rave Valve Leaking

    One of my rave valves, both just replaced brand new, leaks the premix after running for a short period out of the cap. Is this a sign of something bad to come? Because the ski still runs, great. But I am concerned if i continue to run it like this it will lead to some major problems. What would...