1. P

    99 gtx rattles like its hitting metal but runs great

    Hi. Last fall my ski's pump seized up and pulled it for the season as I was moving and no place was available to rebuild it... I did however pull it and put it in a tote... then winterized the engine... I rebuilt the pump and installed it and when I fired it up, there was a banking of metal...
  2. R

    98 XP Limited Flooded engine

    Hello there please help, I just bought my first seadoo last week, it worked fine for about 2 hours, fell a few times and got on, no problem. The last time I fell I had a VERY hard time, but got on and it would not even turn over then it just tipped over while I was just sitting on it. Well...
  3. campinitos

    XPL 1999 engine problem????

    Just got a 99 XPL - mint looking ski throughout. Ran it for about 2 hours without a problem on the lake, then suddenly it cut out. It does restart, but then keeps cutting out - also the engine doesn't sound nowhere near as smooth as it did, seems to rattle a bit - something definately not...