1. robkat

    2004 GTX Ski Pylon? Do I have a different setup

    Seems as if I dont have the flat bottom everyone else has adding the ski pole. Do I really not have it and I just wrap a rope around the black plastic bar or use that little metal ring? Doesnt seem stable enough.
  2. S

    98 speedster ski pylon

    When I bought the boat it did not come with the ski pylon. I assume it bent and they removed it as the mount is still there. I am going to get one fabricated out of stainless but I have nothing to go by. Would someone be able to forward me the measurements. Need; pipe diameter pipe...
  3. J

    Ski Pylon for 96 Speedster

    Has anyone built their own ski pylon? I am wanting to drill a hole and put it on the side of the engine cover latch in the hull. Specifically I want to see the brackets you made for the tube and how you mounted them. I want to make a tube within a tube so I can lower it when not in use. What...