pump removal

  1. DEEz

    1998 SeaDoo GS, Reinstalling Pump - (Driveshaft to impeller procedure)?

    Original owner 1998 SeaDoo GS, Reinstalling Pump - (Driveshaft to impeller procedure) Ive just replaced the pump bearings & impeller shaft & its about ready for reinstalling. I haven't physically looked at it yet but should I question the condition of the Hull Thru Fitting, I left the...
  2. C

    How do you Replace impeller with iBR???

    Ok so I'm no idiot but how you you replace the impeller on a new 2016 Gti 130 with iBR? I've done impeller replacements tons of times but never with the iBR system. The kids sucked up a rock luckily I have a new impeller to replace it with but I don't know where to start with this iBR in the way
  3. R

    1996 SPX Pump Removal

    So tonight I started attempting to change the wear ring on my 96 SPX. I followed the thread created by Dr. Honda on how to change the wear ring, but I can't get the pump removed. I removed the nozzle with the 4 bolts and then took off the 4 bolts holding the impeller housing on and now I can't...