1. Bowser

    1994 -1999 GTI GTS OEM Handle Bar Chin Pad Cover 277000260 - Purple

    eBay item number: 125936882973 SeaDoo 1994-1999 GTI GTS OEM Handle Bar Chin Pad Cover Fresh Water 277000260 - Purple Condition is used: The rubber is still bendy and intact all over. There is one tear on the surface, 1” in length, shown. There are two indents near the tear, shown. Color is...
  2. Peter Toenjes

    Seat base material question

    I own a 2001 Seadoo LRV. Just love it. I am recovering my seats. Challenging, but turning out good. An LRV has those hinged clam-shell seat in the rear. kind of like a sun deck. They are two piece. Center squarish piece and an L-shaped wrap around section. The L shaped wrap around...
  3. jimcrisp

    Tow hook plastic housing loose 99 GSX

    The plastic housing under the front tow hook has come loose. Water is able to get in through front housing. How can I reattach it?