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    2003 gtx sc OPAS leak

    I recently figured out that my 2003 gtx sc has a major leak. I spotted the leak from the left OPAS system, from the area where the linkage enters the hull. I'm assuming it must be the rubber tube seal ( or boot) that the link sits in? Is there an easy way to fix this? How hard is it to get to...
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    hoffmanlaw - Help!

    Hi. I have (had) a Seadoo 2002 GTX 155 and took it out for the first time this season. It was not ridden at all last season. I bought it June 2009 with low hours and it was not ridden much at all in 2009, 2010 or 2011. It was stored out of water under a roof since purchase. From the end of the...
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    OPAS Support broke off

    The OPAS support and rudder broke off on one of my 2002 gtx 4tech limited and since then my check engine light is flashing. everything ran great before it broke. could that be what's making the check engine light flash.