oil problems

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    1997 seadoo gtx getting too much oil in one cylinder

    I have a 1997 seadoo GTX with a 787 motor getting too much oil in one cylinder. It starts once but sounds rough and smokes a LOT. The second time it turns but does not start. After pulling the plugs, one is soaked in oil. Any help on how to fix this is appreciated.
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    End result when people think they're better than the manufacturer

    Today I purchased a 96 Sea Doo XP. Everything looks and operates great!.... So to the naked eye it seemed. Apparently the previous owner thought he knew what was best as far as how the fuel/oil mixture should go. Instead of allowing the ski to mix the two fluids together as it was designed to...
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    2003 Seadoo GTX 4-tec

    I have a 2003 Seadoo GTX 4-tec and i have had it for about two years now. it starts up perfectly fine and when i try to start going it wont go above about 20 mph and the rpm's are redlining and then the oil light comes on and starts beeping really loud and i cant remember if i turn it off or it...