oem boat cover

  1. Riddlebucks

    OEM Covers - Do they scratch the gelcoat/plastic on the 2015 GTI 155 SE Maldive Blue?

    I just bought 3 GTI 155 SE Maldive Blue & 1 GTI 130 SE Manta Green. I have purchased the OEM Sea-Doo covers for these and noticed that the material under the cover that makes contact with the PWC is fairly ruff. When trailering with the covers on it seems as if it would scratch the...
  2. S

    Boat Covers - OEM Custom Fit, or Aftermarket Semi-Custom?

    I have a 2000 16.5ft Speedster that is in great condition, and has always been covered. However, my cover is getting holes in it and the rain, leaves, dust, etc is getting in. I looked at OEM replacements and found them to be pretty pricey. Has anyone used a semi-custom boat cover on the...