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  1. dcjar

    Looking to buy 96 SPX. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    New poster here, I am currently in touch with a seller of a 1996 SPX. Is there anything in general I should be careful of? I will request compression specs and take it for a test drive on the water before buying it. What Psi should I be hoping for? Asking price is $1995 with trailer Ad...
  2. J

    1996 Sea Doo XP New Guy That Needs Help!

    I posted on here earlier and got some great answers and things to try but I came home last night and worked on it. Little Change. So heres the problem: The 1996 Seadoo XP idles great but when given throttle It bogs down bad... I have a youtube video but its pretty aweful quality. Sorry...
  3. P


    Hey guys im new here and just wanted to say hi. If anybody needs any help with anything you can ask me and ill try to help
  4. B

    95 seadoo GTX sat for 2 years

    Hi, I'm new to the site. I have the opportunity to aquire a 95 gtx (trading my 4 wheeler) I've been told it has sat for 2 years without use. I was hoping to get some advice on what types of issues can arise from sitting for that length of time,what to look out for , and also proper out of water...