1. Andirxpx260

    Rxpx260 module problem

    Hi everyone , i bought this ski about a month ago , put 6 hours on it and now it gave me a problem . I changed the battery last week before my last ride and had no problems that day . The next day when it was raining i forgot to put the cover on it after flushing the ski . And now my ibr and...
  2. josh93101

    Modules ski and x package

    Hey all, I am currently looking at buying the cruise and ski module, x package and depth finder. Are any of these particularly hard to install? What tools are required to do the job. I have a 2015 gtr215 Thanks again Josh
  3. G

    Adding VTS to SeaDoo GTI 130

    Hey Guys, I recently bought a brand new 2013 SeaDoo GTI 130. I haven't taken delivery of the ski yet, but am looking to add a VTS module, and am a bit confused. According to the manufacturer, you can only add a VTS module to model years 2011 and below. However, there is no explanation as to why...